Red Tape Reduction

BILD’s advocacy to remove red tape for home builders was successful during the recent election and was included in the UCP Platform.

We have made nearly 30 submissions to Alberta’s Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction to address the regulatory burden on land developers, home builders, trades and suppliers. These touch on several ministries including Municipal Affairs, Environment & Parks, Service Alberta, Labour and Advanced Education on specific regulatory submissions.Over the past few months, BILD Alberta consulted with industry members, committees, and local associations to prepare and submit Recommendations for Red Tape Reduction to Government. The recommendations were vetted and supported by NAIOP Edmonton, NAIOP Calgary, Prosperity Edmonton and Alberta Enterprise Group. The submission includes 29 items that focus on business predictability, protecting housing affordability and enhanced municipal oversight. The following were key areas of focus with detailed information can be found in the full document:

  • Energy Step Codes
  • Appeals of Local Building Code Interpretations
  • Reducing Mandatory Safety Codes Inspections
  • City Charters
  • Offsite Levies
  • Inclusionary Housing
  • Permit Timelines
  • Environmental / Wetland Approval Timelines
  • Joint-Worksite Health and Safety Committees
  • Building Assessment Reports (Condo Act)
  • Build Time Specifications (Condo Act)
  • Applicant Property Rights

The submission is just the beginning and BILD Alberta will be working with multiple Government Ministries to move these recommendations forward. If you’d like to get involved sharing this message with government, contact Scott Fash for more information.

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