On December 8, the Government of Alberta announced new restrictions to help curb the spread of COVID-19. The new restrictions will come into force on December 13, 2020 and remain in place until at least January 12, 2021. Construction remains an essential service and can remain operational but there could be changes impacting showhomes / sales centres.

BILD Alberta is working with the Government of Alberta to gather additional details and clarification on industry restrictions and will send updates via subsequent special bulletins as required.

The following provides our preliminary understanding of the new restrictions and items where we are currently seeking clarity.

• Construction remains an essential service.
• We are not aware of additional restrictions at this time.
• In order to keep construction operational, it is critical member companies utilize enhanced safety protocols. Visit our website for some examples of enhanced protocols.

Showhomes / Design Centres / Sales Centres
We are still awaiting confirmation on how the new restrictions may impact showhomes, design centres and sales centres.
• Enhanced cleaning and safety protocols (physical distancing, masking) are required.
• Until we are advised otherwise, showhome viewings can only be held by appointment-only and are limited to two family-unit members at a time. This is the directive from Alberta Health Services and Municipal Affairs and we are confirming if it has changed in light of today’s announcement.

• The Government of Alberta has imposed a mandatory work-from-home restriction. This is mandatory unless the employer determines work requires presence for operational effectiveness. This will come into force on December 13th and remain in place until at least January 12, 2020.
• We are gathering clarification on this item but anticipate it could apply to the majority of non-field staff.

Our industry is being monitored closely and compliance with these restrictions is required to ensure our continued operation through this period. Non-compliance could result in further restrictions in business activity. We understand there will be many questions and items requiring clarification. BILD Alberta will continue to engage the Government of Alberta to get the answers needed.