New Alberta Building, Fire and Energy Efficiency Codes Came into effect April 1, 2019.

Transition period extended to December 1, 2019.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) is the law that governs how Alberta’s municipalities operate. It defines how Alberta’s municipalities are governed, funded and developed. Specific to our industry, the MGA establishes the policies and procedures governing:

  • The powers of municipal councils and municipal staff;
  • Decision-making powers;
  • Growth/land supply management both locally and regionally;
  • The creation of Municipal Plans, Zoning Bylaws and subdivision requirements;
  • Municipal taxation, other revenue generation tools (i.e. levies and fees) and debt;
  • City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton;
  • Regional Collaboration and Growth Management Boards;
  • The creation of inclusionary housing programs;
  • Environmental powers at the municipal level; and
  • Appeal bodies.

The last major review of the MGA occurred in 1994 and took ten years. The current review started in 2012 and was largely finalized in 2018. The following resources will provide information on the changes and how they may impact you:

  1. MGA Implementation Guide
  2. Provincial Fact Sheets

If you have questions contact Scott Fash.

In late 2017, the Government of Alberta formally approved City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton which granted expanded authorities beyond those allowed for under the Municipal Government Act. To review a preliminary analysis of the City Charters, please click here.

Proposed amendments to City Charters were released on November 29, 2018, and include substantial new powers for the cities of Calgary and Edmonton related to off-site levies and inclusionary housing. The changes proposed represent a significant risk to long term housing affordability and business certainty in Alberta’s two largest centres. BILD Alberta has been vocal in its response and continues to advocate that the Government of Alberta respect the policies included in the Municipal Government Act which were based on years of collaboration with key stakeholders. BILD Alberta continues to work closely with BILD Calgary Region, CHBA – Edmonton Region and UDI Edmonton Region in response. View the submission to the government.