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Beginnings of Accelerate Net Zero

BILD Alberta has established a Residential Construction Energy Efficiency Accelerator Steering Committee now - Accelerate Net Zero. The Steering Committee provides input and expertise for projects and initiatives relating to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in housing, that will go through the Accelerate Net Zero process. This process, related projects and initiatives will assist in shifting to energy efficient homes in a cost-effective manner, with risk mitigation in mind.

What Does Net Zero Energy Mean?

The Government of Canada has set a goal of a Net Zero Energy Ready model building code by 2030.

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Electrical Code & Grid Challenges for Highly Efficient Homes in Alberta

BILD Alberta’s Accelerate Net Zero Steering Committee identified the Canadian Electrical Code and Alberta’s electrical grid as challenges for industry to build highly efficient and net zero homes, and to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions. BILD Alberta is working to understand all the associated challenges, including the electrical grids current capacity, demand load calculations, and…

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Supporting Demand Side Management in Alberta

BILD Alberta has, and will continue to support the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) in their advocacy for the implementation of Demand Side Management (DSM) in Alberta. DSM will be an additional avenue for Albertans to increase the energy efficiency of their home, while decreasing their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. DSM will also…

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Consumer Sentiment Survey Results

A survey was completed in the spring of 2022 on energy efficiency in homes and net zero homes. It gathered data on consumers’ understanding of net zero, expectations of energy efficiency, its influence on their willingness to pay and trade-off when considering energy efficient upgrades or net zero homes, specifically in Alberta. The results will…

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Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) for New Homes

BILD Alberta is working with the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) on a CEIP for new homes program. The CEIP for new homes would support affordable, energy efficient upgrades and net zero building in new home construction. Similar to the existing homes program, homebuyers could choose energy efficient upgrades to be included in their new…

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Funding Opportunities for Members

BILD Alberta has compiled a document of funding opportunities available to builder and renovator members through grants and rebates. BILD Alberta has also created a document with information on funding programs that homeowners and homebuyers can directly participate in. These are living documents and will be updated accordingly as new opportunities arise. Members interested in…

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