The proposed Housing and Development Innovations Act is meant to elevate the housing sector as a major economic driver in Alberta and encourage the Government to create a system that addresses Housing for all Albertans.  The primary outcome for industry is a sustainable relationship between industry and government that informs policy development, housing affordability and choice.

The proposed legislation could lead to the development of a stand-alone housing ministry including:

  • An Alberta Housing and Development Council for consultation, intelligence, impact analysis and policy development.
  • Implementation of an Affordability Impact Assessment requirement for legislation/regulations.
  • A partnership to address barriers of the new mortgage rules.
  • Creating benchmarks for transparency and accountability between industry and municipalities
  • Priorities for social / seniors housing through public-private-partnerships.
  • A collaborative approach to workforce development.

BILD Alberta has met with MLAs and Ministers to gain support for this legislative proposal. MLA’s championing this initiative are interested in moving this forward as quickly as possible.

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If you have questions on any of matters related to the Housing and Development Innovations Act, please contact Carmen Wyton.

BILD Alberta along with constituent associations have been working with the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction on proposals to meet the UCP election promise of reducing regulation by a third. BILD Alberta has also been meeting with each of the relevant ministries where we have policy proposals and are working to coordinate our ‘asks’ to ensure alignment where possible. If industry and provincial departments support the changes, it’s potential for success increases greatly. The following highlights specific areas (in no particular order) BILD Alberta is developing policy proposals for:

•     Mortgage Rules

•     Offsite Levies

•     Energy Step Codes and Net Zero Ready 2030

•     Water Act and Public Lands Act Approval Timelines

•     References to Building Codes under City Charters

•     Municipal Reserve Allocation

•     Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committees

•      Provincial Transportation Levy

•      Preserving STANDATAs

•      Municipal Permit Timelines and Approvals

•      Approvals from Ministry of Transportation

•      Flexibility in Creating Statutory Plans

•      Consistent Application of Wetland Policy

•      Water Reuse and Stormwater Use

•      Missing Directives Under the Alberta Wetland Policy

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If you have questions on any of matters related to Red Tape Reduction, please contact Scott Fash for more information.

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