New Alberta Building, Fire and Energy Efficiency Codes Came into effect April 1, 2019.

Builder Manual

For those who need to know how to build homes in one of the toughest climates on earth, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Builders’ Manual is the most authoritative guide you will find for building superior energy-efficient housing. And for the first time, this edition addresses Net Zero Housing – homes that produce as much energy as they consume each year. The new 2020 edition offers over 450 pages of concise information and easy-to-follow illustrations.

The concepts, building science, techniques, materials, and building details discussed in this manual are applicable to all houses, no matter their size, energy performance target, or method of construction.

Whether you’re a student or a seasoned builder, there’s always something new to learn. Order it here.

Proposed Changes to Future Codes

BILD Alberta is making it easier for members to participate in the fall 2019 public consultations by providing summaries of the key proposed changes to the Codes Canada Publications.

Spring 2020 summary document

Winter 2019 summary document

Tall Wall Guidelines

Changes under the 2019 National Building Code (Alberta Edition) made BILD Alberta’s Tall Wall Guidelines non-compliant with current code. BILD Alberta’s Provincial Residential Technical Committee attempted to have the Tall Wall Guidelines updated but engineering firms were unwilling to certify a new document. More information on this change and potential solutions can be found here.

Energy Efficiency Resources

Free User's Guides

To help ensure that the National Model Codes are properly understood and effectively implemented, the NRC is now offering free electronic access to the related user’s guides, including:

The user’s guides are designed to complement the National Model Codes by providing additional background information, as well as detailed examples and calculations.

NRC has now made the current and previous electronic editions of these publications available for download in PDF format from the NRC Publications Archive.