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March 25, 2021
Prompt Payment
BILD Alberta concluded stakeholder consultation with Service Alberta on the development of regulations for prompt payment and brought forth members concerns while continuing to advocate for a balanced approach. Service Alberta intends to proclaim the regulations and legislation on July 1, 2021 at which time staff will draft resource materials to outline the implications of prompt payment on member businesses as more information becomes available. BILD Alberta has prepared an overview of the latest engagement session and what is currently proposed.
Off-Site Levies
BILD Alberta is engaged with Municipal Affairs on amendments to the Off-Site Levies and Subdivision and Development Regulations. The proposed amendments focus on administrative items based on Bill 48, which comes into force on June 2, 2021. Municipal Affairs indicated a more fulsome review of the regulations will take place this fall, including reviewing BILD Alberta’s recommendations surrounding:
  • Preventing double-taxation of Albertans.
  • Ensuring proper stewardship of hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Limiting unnecessary spending.
  • Encouraging private sector investment in job-creating projects.
Industry Approach to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Housing
Recommendations from BILD Alberta’s project on an Industry Approach to Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Housing will be presented to the Board of Directors in April. Once finalized, key findings, recommendations and next steps will be made available to members.
Alternatives to Infrastructure Financing
BILD Alberta is in the preliminary stages of conducting a comprehensive review of the current off-site levy mechanism and identifying alternatives to fund future infrastructure projects. The review and assessment will focus on:
  • A cross-jurisdictional analysis of infrastructure financing alternatives.
  • Analysis of the current off-site levy regime including proposed modifications to address existing challenges.
  • Outline of costs, benefits, and drawbacks of any proposed solutions.
Digitizing Signatures and Transactions
Staff are preparing a submission to Service Alberta on increasing the use of digital signatures as part of real estate transactions and land title registries to streamline processes. This would align with Service Alberta’s goal to develop and implement a digital strategy that ensures all new systems are digital by default and improve Albertans’ access to government services.

Builders' Lien Act, Reno Tax Credit, Off-Site Levies, Soft Lumber Update and more

February 25, 2021
Builders’ Lien Act & Prompt Payment
Over the past month, BILD Alberta members and staff have been heavily engaged with Minister Nate Glubish and Service Alberta staff on Prompt Payment regulations and the 28-day Prompt Pay period. Specifically, working towards a solution that provides adequate protection to trades and suppliers while avoiding increased administrative burdens on owner companies. This could be accomplished by setting a Prompt Pay period of at least 35 days or allowing contracts to specify monthly dates that invoices can be received. Throughout this process, BILD Alberta has been advocating for a balanced approach and remains hopeful that the Government of Alberta will accept our recommendations.

Renovation Tax Credit
BILD Alberta is developing a submission for a renovation tax credit that will be brought forward to the Government of Alberta in the coming months. Recent media shows that the submission will need to highlight the economic benefits the tax credit would bring. BILD Alberta will be working with renovator members to develop statistics and other information required for the submission.

Red Tape Reduction
While industry saw a significant number of positive legislative changes under Bill 48, work surrounding the next phases of Red Tape Reduction remains a priority.
BILD Alberta remains engaged with the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction and specific Ministries to bring these recommendations to fruition.

Off-Site Levies
BILD Alberta remains engaged with Municipal Affairs regarding further modifications to the Off-Site Levies Regulation.

Red Tape Reduction & Prompt Payment Updates, Webinars, New Policy & GR Director

January 29, 2021
Red Tape Reduction
While industry saw a significant number of positive legislative changes under Bill 48, work surrounding the next phases of Red Tape Reduction remains a priority. Some items of focus include:
  • Removing unnecessary Building Code requirements
  • Additional changes to the Off-Site Levies Regulation
  • Removal of Off-Site Levies and Inclusionary Housing from City Charters
  • Streamlining approvals Environmental and Transportation
BILD Alberta remains engaged with the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction and specific Ministries to make these changes a reality.

Builders’ Lien Act & Prompt Payment
BILD Alberta and member representatives have been engaging Service Alberta on Prompt Payment and other changes to the Builders’ Lien Act. Advocacy is focused on:
  • Lengthening the 28-day prompt pay period to avoid unnecessary administrative burdens on member companies.
  • Ensuring a proper prompt payment adjudication process that avoids frivolous claims.
  • Establishing a system of progressive release of lien fund holdbacks to free up cash flow.

Advocacy Update, Builders' Lien Act Amendments & Holiday Wishes

December 22, 2020

Bill 48: Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act received third reading and Royal Assent on December 9th, solidifying substantial legislative changes that will save member companies millions of dollars while helping to preserve housing affordability. BILD Alberta originally submitted 29 Red Tape Reduction recommendations in October 2019. Since that time:

  • 8 recommendations have been adopted by the Province;
  • 17 remain under consideration or in progress; and
  • 4 will not be going forward.

To better understand the progress made to-date and provide updates on other items, BILD Alberta has compiled a brief table with information on the status of each of the industry’s recommendations, including next steps where applicable.

COVID Restrictions, Bill 48, Builders' Lien Act Changes & Housing Reports

November 27, 2020

On November 16th, BILD Alberta was pleased to announce that several key advocacy priorities have been addressed by the Government of Alberta through Bill 48 – Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act. These positive changes are the result of years of advocacy work from BILD Alberta and member volunteers.

Read more about the key legislative changes included in this Bill and other recent legislative changes.

Prompt Payment, Advocacy Update & AGM

October 29, 2020

At last month's AGM, the baton was passed from outgoing Chair, Patrick Shaver, to newly appointed Chair, Paul Boskovich. Paul brings his 15-years of industry expertise to the BILD Alberta board. He is President of Genstar Development Company and looks forward to guiding a grassroots approach to serving members over his term.

Prompt Payment
Amendments to the Builders’ Lien Act including the introduction of Prompt Payment were presented last week. BILD Alberta has been active on this file since it was originally brought forward by the previous government.

Optimistic about what’s ahead for members in Alberta

October 24, 2020

In a recent interview with the Calgary Herald, BILD Alberta Chair, Paul Boskovich said,  “We’re a very adaptable industry but we have certainly been challenged to evolve, innovate and adapt in this economic climate. As an industry, we have had to make some hard choices in terms of the scale of our operations and the scale of our projects. We have been able to move forward with leaner, innovative projects."

BILD Alberta Announces New Chair

October 9, 2020

BILD Alberta is pleased to announce that Paul Boskovich has been elected as BILD Alberta’s fourth Chair of the Association to serve a term of one year.

“Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of board members helping shape this young organization with a long and proud history. The next year will have its challenges as we face unprecedented times but together our industry is resilient.  I look forward to continuing to further the association’s advocacy efforts and putting forward innovative solutions that will make our industry stronger,” said Boskovich.

Annual General Meeting, Award Winners, Advocacy Update & Housing Data

September 24, 2020

Consultations surrounding the Municipal Government Act review finalized this month. As a follow-up to those consultations, BILD Alberta provided the multiple submissions.
We continue to assess the future of auto-adoption of the National Building Code in Alberta. Further discussions with the BILD Alberta Board of Directors identified a need to establish a new framework for the adoption of code that considers the implications on housing affordability and business competitiveness. There are multiple avenues to postpone implementation of certain aspects of future code, pending a provincial review, that we continue to assess with the Government of Alberta.

Progress on Priorities, Awards Ceremony - Save the Date & Housing Data

August 27, 2020

The Government of Alberta shuffled its cabinet this week, the former Minister of Municipal Affairs (Kaycee Madu) has become the Minister of Justice and MLA Tracy Allard from Grande Prairie is now the Minister of Municipal Affairs. We have enjoyed working with Minister Madu over the past year and a half and look forward to building on our progress with Minister Allard.

Award Finalists Announced, Advocacy Update & Housing Data

July 30, 2020

BILD Alberta has been working alongside with partners and stakeholders in the residential construction industry to push forward policies that will help achieve economic recovery within the province and future prosperity. The attached document exemplifies some of the ways in which BILD Alberta advocates for members and provides an update on the association’s various efforts so industry can continue to develop and build communities that serve all Albertans.

Prompt Payment & Conference Update

June 25, 2020

MGA Review and Red Tape Reduction:
Due to the advocacy of BILD Alberta, the Government of Alberta has committed to reviewing the Municipal Government Act for amendments. This opens the door for many of the 29 Red Tape Reduction Recommendations we made in October and continue to advocate on daily including:
  • Offsite Levies
  • Inclusionary Housing
  • City Charters
  • Permit Timelines & Approvals
  • Municipal Reserve Allocation & Use
  • and more...

Advocacy Update & Housing Data

May 28, 2020

Through collaboration with local associations and the Government of Alberta, construction sites and project approvals have remained in place through the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of this advocacy varies from member to member but it has reduced interest payments, cancelled contracts and preserved a significant number of jobs. While we continue to ensure sites stay open, advocacy efforts have...

Sharing Resources & Awards Website Now Open

April 30, 2020

While the world and our industry have changed over the past month and a half, the mission and work of BILD Alberta continues. Early on in this crisis our priorities shifted to ensuring construction sites remain open. As a result of BILD Alberta’s (and local associations’) strong relationships with government, and advocacy efforts, permits are still being processed and construction continues today...

Tips for Operating Worksites & Resources

March 31, 2020

Last week, in an ongoing effort to fight COVID-19, the Government of Alberta announced that all non-essential services must close. At this time, this does not include construction (including residential) as it has been identified as an essential service. As projects continue to move forward, it is important to remember that this could change at any time. For the latest information refer to government resources...