Red Tape Reduction

Reducing red tape has been a central focus of the current government and BILD Alberta. In October 2019, BILD Alberta coordinated a collaborative submission with 29 recommendations focused on streamlining approval processes and costs for land developers, builders and renovators.

In November 2020 the Government of Alberta announced Bill 48 which included eight of BILD Alberta’s 29 Red Tape Recommendations with another 17 under consideration.

Key highlights include:

  • Removing the authority for larger municipalities (with a population over 15,000) to set alternative timelines for subdivision and development permits.
  • Eliminating municipal authority to take additional reserve land (will be capped at 10%), as well as adding a public hearing requirement to increase transparency when changing a reserve designation to community services reserve.
  • Strengthening municipal reporting requirements for off-site levies.
  • Expanding the role of the Municipal Government Board to hear appeals on all off-site levies.
  • Strengthening transparency requirements of off-site levy calculations.
  • Removing requirements for Building Assessment Reports for new condominium developments (Summer 2021 implementation).
  • Eliminating Inclusionary Housing from the MGA (still exists in City Charters).
  • Simplifying requirements for Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committees.

Staff continue to engage with the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction and relevant Ministries to move more items forward.