Reducing Greenhouse Gas Action Plan

In late-2020, BILD Alberta commissioned a study from Joan Maisonneuve to develop An Industry Approach to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Housing. The purpose of this work was to identify proactive strategies that would allow the residential construction industry to take a visible leadership role in housing innovation to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while preserving housing affordability.

In June 2021, the final report was accepted by the BILD Alberta Board of Directors along with an Action Plan based on the recommendations from the consultant. Both documents can be accessed at the bottom of the page. Key preliminary actions including:

  • Hiring a Building and Climate Policy Coordinator.
  • Establishing a member-led Steering Committee to provide advice to the Board of Directors on matters of climate policy and direct work of the Residential Construction Energy Efficiency Accelerator.
  • Formalize the Residential Construction Energy Efficiency Accelerator and engage an external third party to help name and brand the initiative.
  • Begin engaging with other organizations (utilities, municipalities and other non-for-profits) on projects that would benefit from BILD Alberta’s support and collaboration.

We will continue to update members on this work through our monthly newsletters and through this page.