Alberta Built Campaign Launch

April 19, 2023- Today BILD Alberta launched “Alberta Built”, a campaign that highlights Alberta’s housing affordability advantage and the action that is necessary to ensure it remains intact for generations to come.

“Alberta is known for housing affordability and that’s not by accident,” said Scott Fash, Executive Director of BILD Alberta Association. “Being a national leader relies on a number of factors, and without question cooperation between government and industry is of the utmost importance.”

In 2022, Alberta led the country in population growth with a total increase of 160,000 new residents. As tens of thousands of new Albertans move to the province every quarter, housing supply is not keeping up with demand. Housing inventory in Alberta decreased by 45% between 2019-2022, and although rent in Calgary remains less than the national average, it increased by 25% year over year.

Without continued collaborative efforts, affordability is at risk. Over the past year, construction costs have increased by 14% in Calgary and 16% in Edmonton. Additionally, in the past two years, municipal high-rise development fees have risen by the highest rate nationwide in Calgary (65%) and Edmonton (49%), compared to a national rate of 29%.

BILD Alberta has provided four recommendations to address rising prices, remove red tape and reduce barriers

  • Create a single housing ministry: Alberta is one of the only provinces in the country that does not have a centralized housing ministry. A singular housing ministry would provide consistent cross-government oversight from the lens of maintaining, protecting, and expanding upon housing affordability.
  • Give the housing industry a seat at the table: Establish a Housing Industry Advisory Panel and develop housing affordability criteria and assessment process prior to implementing policies that impact housing.
  • Form consistent standards for housing and development in Alberta: Work with industry to provide a framework that ensures government decisions minimize red tape and barriers.
  • Partner with industry to tackle the biggest issues: Industry is ready to collaborate in designing effective solutions to societal challenges such as social housing, skilled labour shortages, infrastructure funding, and energy efficiency.

BILD Alberta represents over 1,300 local home builders, land developers, professional renovators, suppliers, skilled trades and consultant members. For more information on the Alberta Built campaign visit

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