Changes to Off-Site Levies, Permit Timelines, Municipal Reserve & Building Assessment Reports

We are excited to announce the Government of Alberta will be implementing several of BILD Alberta’s recommendations related to Off-Site Levies, Municipal Reserve and Building Assessment Reports. These changes are a result of years of advocacy and represent significant improvements that will benefit all members.

Key changes under Bill 48 – Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act include:

  • Removing the authority for larger municipalities (with a population over 15,000) to set alternative timelines for subdivision and development permits.
  • Eliminating municipal authority to take additional reserve land (will be capped at 10%), as well as adding a public hearing requirement to increase transparency when changing a reserve designation to community services reserve.
  • Strengthening municipal reporting requirements for off-site levies.
  • Expanding the role of the Municipal Government Board to hear appeals on all off-site levies.
  • Strengthening transparency requirements of off-site levy calculations.
  • Removing requirements for Building Assessment Reports for new condominium developments (Summer 2021 implementation).
  • Eliminating Inclusionary Housing from the MGA (still exists in City Charters).
  • Simplifying requirements for Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committees.

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