Environmental Approvals

BILD Alberta staff continue to participate in meaningful dialogue with government when it comes to environmental approvals and identifying opportunities to streamline applications while still holding high standards to safeguard Alberta’s ecological biodiversity.

Water Act Approvals

September 22, 2021

Alberta Environment and Parks launched the first stage of its new digital system for environmental applications this summer which has: Cut wait-times for Water Act approval applications by almost half, while maintaining our world-leading environmental standards.Provided an easy-to-use portal for Albertans to view, submit and check the status of their applications.It is estimated the wait…

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Regulatory Transformation Project

May 14, 2021

BILD Alberta staff recently met with Alberta Environment & Parks on their Regulatory Transformation Project which will automate approval of environmental applications and address backlogs. Historically environmental approvals varied from 12-24 months but through the advocacy of BILD Alberta and other stakeholders, government has committed to a new framework that will allow up to 80%…

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Wetlands Policy

May 11, 2021

BILD Alberta staff continue to meet with the Wetland Policy department within Alberta Environment and Parks to better enhance the Alberta Wetland Policy to provide more opportunities for wetland banking and mitigation which benefits the environment and encourages private sector investment.

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