Regulatory Transformation Project

BILD Alberta staff recently met with Alberta Environment & Parks on their Regulatory Transformation Project which will automate approval of environmental applications and address backlogs. Historically environmental approvals varied from 12-24 months but through the advocacy of BILD Alberta and other stakeholders, government has committed to a new framework that will allow up to 80% of applications to be approved upon submission.

  • AEP staff continue to address existing backlogs and have currently reduced Sand & Gravel backlogs by 83%, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act backlogs by 76% and Water Act backlogs by 71%.
  • The Regulatory Transformation Project’s approach is holistic instead of trying to speed up or change individual steps. This innovation increases government’s accountability in providing quicker timelines which previously took 12-24 months for reviews and decisions.
  • Adding predictability to the approval process will reduce financing charges which impacted the viability of projects and increase investor confidence, reduce costs, and encourage further sustainable development.
  • Initial modules including Water Act licenses and Sand & Gravel approvals will launch in Q3 2021. Modules for drinking water, industrial activities, Public Lands Act, and grazing leases/renewals/transfers are expected to be implemented in 2022. AEP expects to have a fully transformed environmental regulatory system by 2023.

Further details summarizing the Regulatory Transformation Project can be found here.