Recovery & Red Tape Reduction

Through collaboration with local associations and the Government of Alberta, construction sites and project approvals have remained in place through the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of this advocacy varies from member to member but it has reduced interest payments, cancelled contracts and preserved a significant number of jobs. While we continue to ensure sites stay open, advocacy efforts have largely shifted to the economic recovery of the province and our industry.

BILD Alberta staff remain actively engaged with multiple ministries in advocating for policy changes and stimulus that fuel the recovery of our industry and in turn, Alberta’s economy.

Economic Recovery:

Earlier this month BILD Alberta sent Premier Jason Kenney a letter highlighting proposals to expedite our economy recovery. This builds on the letter we submitted to government in March with the following serving as key initiatives:

  • Strategic government investments in infrastructure facilitates private sector projects (i.e. arterial roads, storm sewers, water infrastructure). Projects should be shovel worthy, not just shovel ready.
  • Identify measures to repeal or modify the mortgage stress test in Alberta.
  • Creation of a renovation tax credit for all types of renovation.
  • Continue the promising work being undertaken on Red Tape Reduction with a focus on City Charters, Offsite Levies, Building Codes, Environmental Approvals and Inclusionary Housing.

Red Tape Reduction:

This government’s work on red tape reduction remains of highest priority for BILD Alberta and we currently sit on two separate panels / working groups. We are making it clear that bold changes are required immediately to preserve jobs and protect new / future investment into one of Alberta’s largest industries. To-date, legislative changes addressing red tape have not begun to address the substantial regulatory burden facing this industry. While important prior to the pandemic, it is vital as we look towards recovery.

BILD Alberta’s 29 recommendations remain front and centre for this government and we are optimistic the government will undertake requested changes. To view this submission, click here.

Other Items:

Prompt Payment – BILD Alberta has formally requested that any policy related to Prompt Payment be delayed until more comprehensive consultation can occur. As an association we support the timely payment of our trade and supplier members but details provided to-date have been minimal. Whatever system is put in place it cannot add even more administrative burden to businesses.

New Home Warranty Review – A review of the New Home Warranty Program is presently underway through the Province’s Residential Protection Program. BILD Alberta is reviewing preliminary recommendations and will respond based on the feedback from committees and governance councils.