Conversation with BILD Alberta Chair & Executive Director

Have you ever wondered what BILD Alberta has been working on over the past year? How are they helping industry as we move through the pandemic? What the future holds for the association and the future of our industry?

Find out how BILD Alberta’s newly hired Executive Director had to tackle the impacts of the downturned economy, the association’s priorities and a pandemic within the first six months on the job. BILD and its board reacted thoughtfully and promptly and implemented a number of key changes around expenses, resources, fees, events and priorities.

During BILD Alberta’s virtual spring conference, Vice Chair, Fraser de Walle, had the opportunity to pose these questions and more. The 60-min session with, Paul Boskovich, and Executive Director, Scott Fash, kicked off the event.

Attendees learned and heard updates about the association priorities. They spoke candidly about what keeps them up at night. And, talked about where the association will focus as we move into a post-pandemic future. The following are some highlights from the session.

How did the association respond once the pandemic hit?
• Association quickly pivoted its priorities to focus on keeping industry open as an essential service.
• It was a coordinated effort with local associations, provincial and CHBA National to develop a pandemic response.
• BILD Alberta was recognized as a source for information by government.

What are BILD Alberta’s most recent advocacy efforts?
Red Tape Reduction
MGA/Offsite Levies /Charters
Prompt Payment
• Building Codes
• Environmental and Transportation Approvals
• Condo Insurance

What have been some of the advocacy wins?
• Establishing strong relationships with elected officials and government staff.
• Expanding our role and influence within new ministries – Environment and Transportation.
• Supporting government with their ongoing priorities and provide meaningful input on the behalf of our industry as we collaborate on various projects.

What the future plans are for BILD Alberta and its members?
• Finding an industry approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in housing.
• Educating members on upcoming changes with prompt payment as it comes into force on October 1, 2021.
• Identifying alternative mechanisms for infrastructure financing.
• Advocating for a renovation tax credit.

What do you anticipate the future of the industry to look like?
• Positive momentum in overall home sales.
• Shifting consumer demands.
• Rising construction costs creates a battle between new and existing stock.

Will be demand for in-person events like BILD Alberta’s conference?
• People’s comfort level to returning to in-person events is unknown.
• Unlikely there will be an in-person fall conference.
• Anticipate that we will have in-person events up and running in 2022.

What has been the most interesting thing to come out of the pandemic?
• Resiliency of members, homebuyers, industry has been a catalyst in the province’s economic recovery.

Want to hear the full conversation? Members can watch a recording from the event by clicking here.

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